Last year, National Council approved a Growth Initiative to encourage chapters to increase their membership by three men or more. We are excited to congratulate nine chapters that will share almost $5,000 in credits to their Triangle account and pleased to announce Council has agreed to continue the program for the coming academic year.

Triangle’s Growth Initiative pays a per man credit to chapter accounts based on the level of growth. For the 2018/2019 academic year, the following chapters qualified for credits: Cal Poly, Iowa State, Minnesota, Missouri Mines, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh and Wisconsin. In September, these chapter accounts will receive credits totaling $4,948.

Here’s how it works…

A starting/base membership number is determined from taking the total dollar amount paid in National Active Fees (NAFs) during the 2018-2019 year and dividing by the per man NAF of $350. In this way, we can include pro-rated NAFs paid by mid-term initiations and account for co-ops, graduations, transfers and any other special circumstances fairly for all groups. Chapter rosters can change monthly, so actual NAFs paid was chosen as the fairest measure.

In June of 2020 we will make the same calculation for the 2019-2020 academic year, based on total dollars in NAFs paid by the chapter, divided by $357 – this year’s NAF amount. Credits will be applied September, 2020 according to the following scale:
• Growth of 3 or 4 men from previous year will receive a credit of $15 per member;
• Growth of 5 to 9 men from previous year will receive a credit of $25 per member;
• Growth of 10 or more men from previous year will receive a credit of $50 per member.

Credits will be paid on the base membership number, not just the new men added for the year, so may not match the numbers on rosters. Example: Base membership July 1, 2019 is 30; Base membership July 1, 2020 is 36; a credit of $25 per man for 36 men will be made to the chapter’s account, totaling $900. The chapter roster includes 10 new members, but those men have never paid NAFs, so are not included in the base number to receive credits.

In order to qualify, chapters must be current in all invoices to the Fraternity and have reported and paid all new members and initiations in a timely manner. Colonies do not qualify for the program until they have paid NAFs for a full academic year.

The Growth Initiative was created to encourage and reward growth in our chapters, because membership numbers have dropped in the last two years. Undergraduate fees are 65% of the Fraternity budget, so when membership is down, NAFs and other fees have to be increased. If chapters can continue to grow from year to year, those fees can level off or be reduced over time and chapters have the manpower and income to stabilize and strengthen.

If you have further questions about this program, need ideas or assistance to improve your recruitment program, or need to discuss any other chapter or campus related issues, please contact us by email at or call us at 317-837-9640.