Due to an abundance of caution and because Jameson Camp houses attendees in bunkhouses, we have decided it is safest to lower attendance to allow safe distancing and to reduce the density of attendees in sleeping lodges. For that reason, we are hosting three tracks in person and three tracks online as virtual experiences.


In-Person Tracks hosted at Jameson Camp in Indianapolis, IN

Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Leadership Academy (SLMPLA)

The Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Leadership Academy, better known as SLMPLA is named after Steven L. Miller ill64, former chapter president and CEO of Shell Oil Company. SLMPLA is designed to offer chapter and colony presidents the skills and resources to assist them in leading a student organization. Brother Miller has planned to meet virtually with attendees during this program.

By attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their leadership style and how to work with other individuals effectively;
  • Effectively communicate with their stakeholders;
  • Identify steps to effectively problem solve issues;
  • Identify ways to delegate to their organization’s membership;
  • Lead their organization in a mission-driven environment.

All chapter and colony presidents are encouraged to attend and will receive recognition via the accreditation program for their attendance. We have 36 seats available and hope that you will join us! Presidents-elect who have not yet begun their terms are eligible to attend if the active president cannot. 


ELEVATE Recruitment Workshop

Struggling to elevate your chapter or colonies recruitment process?  Seeing success in your recruitment process but looking to elevate your member’s engagement in their recruitment efforts?  Elevate is the perfect program to assist chapters at every level.

By attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify your organization’s brand and the best way to market it;
  • Discover where your potential members are and the best way to recruit them;
  • Establish a recruitment system that is simple, easy, and engaging;
  • Start and hold meaningful and engaging conversations;
  • Establish a referral system that includes members of the greater community;
  • Learn effective training techniques that get your chapter members excited for recruitment.

Recruitment is the lifeblood of our organizations.  Whether you are at 5 members or 85 members we will have practical ideas to improve your recruitment program.  40 seats are available for this session, and we are encouraging at least one person from every chapter or colony to attend.


Finance Workshop

The finance workshop is designed for the organization treasurer. By attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their leadership style and how to work with other individuals effectively;
  • Identify the key responsibilities of serving as their organization’s treasurer;
  • Identify ways to effectively communicate with their organization’s members;
  • Identify the seven steps to effective confrontation;
  • Create and manage a budget that aligns with the values of the organization;
  • Identify national opportunities to receive chapter funding and support.

We understand that the finance chair’s position can difficult and thankless.  Join us for a weekend of resources, training, camaraderie, and support.  We have reserved 30 seats for this program and look forward to your attendance.


Triangle Recruitment Coaches (TRC) Program

In 2020, we hosted our TRC program with 12 volunteers, trained during LTW to coach and support one or more chapters in recruitment skills and strategies. COVID-19 put a stop to the program in 2021 but we are ready to pick it back up this year. For this upcoming LTW, we are holding 12 more seats for young alumni volunteers to attend and be trained.  Ideal candidates are young alumni – 5-15 years after graduation – who have served as recruitment chairs or another chapter leader and who are near the chapter/s they will advise.

Recruitment Coaches utilize proven ideas and technology to help their chapters build a recruitment action plan and execute that plan during the year.  They also are trained in how to deliver a chapter workshop to improve recruitment skills and confidence in the membership.

We will be waiving the registration fee for these volunteers, which will cover two nights shared lodging, meals during the program, program materials, and we will be providing up to $200 towards flights or 14 cents per mile, round-trip, in exchange for committing to coach one or more chapters for the next two years. For more information, contact Jim Phillips (jim@triangle.org) or Tom Pennington (tom@triangle.org).


Virtual Tracks hosted Online

Wakerly Service-Learning Workshop

The Wakerly Service-Learning Workshop focuses on providing attendees with the tools and resources to offer effective and meaningful service and philanthropy events for their organization and communities, specifically through to vehicles: FIRST® and the Leadership Advantage Program.

By attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn the importance of service learning and offering meaningful service to their communities and increasing Triangle visibility and name-recognition;
  • Focus on two primary vehicles of active service learning: organizing & implementing the Leadership Advantage Program on their campus and getting involved with FIRST®;
  • Develop foundational skills such as delegation, stakeholder engagement, and project management;
  • Create a strategy that utilizes these opportunities as a recruitment tool for new members.

We encourage those responsible for service & philanthropy or public relations for their chapters to attend this track. Chapters automatically get one seat, but can register one additional attendee, if desired.


New Member Educator Workshop

The New Member Educator Workshop will focus on creating and delivering an exceptional new member education experience with the use of various resources.

By attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their leadership style and how to work with others effectively;
  • Identify the different needs and interests of their organization’s new members;
  • Reflect on the role of the new member educator and the purpose of the new member education program;
  • Evaluate their current new member program;
  • Plan and implement a comprehensive new member education program.

We recommend this track for current or aspiring new member educators. Chapters automatically get one seat, but can register one additional attendee, if desired.


Emerging Leaders Workshop

The Emerging Leaders Workshop was created with freshmen, sophomores and new members in mind. By attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their leadership style;
  • Reflect on the alignment between their skills, characteristics, and abilities as a leader;
  • Identify what leadership positions could benefit from their leadership style;
  • Analyze the connectedness of leadership and communication;
  • Create a leadership development plan for their time as an undergraduate member of Triangle.

We understand that cultivating leadership skills in newer members is an important part of chapter sustainability and have up to 50 seats available for this program. We recommend this track for new members or recent initiates you feel have the potential for chapter leadership. Ideally, one person from every chapter or colony should attend.

Why are Some Tracks In-Person and Others Online?
Jameson Camp is a facility that requires attendees to overnight in bunkhouses with a large, shared bathroom for each bunkhouse. Unlike a hotel where we might have only two or three men to a hotel room, the Camp bunks together up to 40 men in close-quarters – effectively eliminating the ability to distance. We’re in Indiana in deep winter, so made the decision to host at only half the Camp’s capacity. We picked PLA, Recruitment and Finance as the three tracks to host in-person, as these are most aligned with the priorities of the Fraternity for the next two years.

Is it okay for students in the virtual tracks to come to Jameson Camp anyway, to be with their in-person delegates?
The reason we’re only holding three tracks in person is to reduce capacity at Jameson Camp and allow for more distancing between participants. For that reason, and the extra costs of food and materials, ONLY students registered for the three in-person tracks will be accommodated at Jameson Camp. We are not making room for any additional student participants, so virtual track participants should NOT travel to Jameson Camp.

Is it okay for us to send a substitute for our president to the PLA track?
The Steven L. Miller Presidents Leadership Academy (SLMPLA) is an endowed program which pays only for active chapter presidents or for presidents-elect. No other member may be substituted for the PLA track. All other tracks allow for various members to attend and you can substitute another member if your original delegate cannot attend.

What’s the Covid/Vaccine situation?
Things remain fluid as we watch the health statistics carefully. We expect all attendees will have proof of vaccination or show a negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of arriving to Indianapolis. All participants will be expected to wear masks during the entire event (other than meals). We also recommend attendees get this year’s flu shot before the end of 2021. We will have the ability to isolate individual students who show signs of illness and will be doing temperature checks during the event.

How do Chapter Endowment Funds (CEFs) help pay for the program this year?
In the past, attendees would pay a registration fee and the chapter would request funds from their CEF to cover the educational portion of the attendee costs. This year chapters paid a new National Education Fee, which can be paid from CEFs. The sum of those fees went into an Education Fund that now pays the educational portion of the attendee costs automatically for one attendee per track. Travel reimbursements also are worked into the LTW budget, so no need to request additional CEF funds unless you wish to register more than one member for any track (PLA is one member per chapter only).

Why is there a Registration Fee?
The $25 registration fee is your contribution/investment in the program. We find a small student investment improves participation and commitment to follow through with the expectations of the program. These fees also help pay for LTW t-shirts and food cards we will provide for the virtual participants. Attendees will get many times this value in return. Should you not be able to attend, you can substitute another student and we can transfer your registration fee to him.

Do I need to attend both the virtual and in-person LTW?
Yes. All registrants will have a virtual component done in advance of LTW weekend to get you acquainted with the other attendees and introduce you to key concepts of leadership. These sessions will take place two times before the in-person experience– one on Sunday, December 19, 2021 and one on Sunday, January 9, 2022 – both from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. eastern time. The Zoom links for both sessions are listed in the schedule (found here) and will be emailed out to all who register. Then the in-person tracks will occur at Jameson Camp and the virtual tracks will occur online during the same weekend. The virtual tracks will be very similar to the online experience from 2021.

How do we get to the in-person programs?
For those attending the in-person tracks whose campus address is within 350 miles of Jameson Camp, you are expected to drive. You will receive 14 cents per mile (the IRS nonprofit rate) round-trip. If your chapter address is more than 350 miles from the Camp, you are eligible for one airfare for PLA and $300 airfare credit each for Recruitment and Finance tracks. If you are eligible to fly but want to drive, you will receive $75 for each chapter attendee you bring with you (since you will save LTW in airfare). See the Travel Information tab for more details and examples.

By the way, for chapters more than 350 miles away, you might consider driving and stopping for an overnight at another Triangle chapter along the way. For instance, Pitt may stop over at Ohio State or Minnesota might stop over at Armour. Alternatively, chapters in close proximity might consider driving together to share costs and get to know each other. If you need contacts for other chapters, let us know!

How do those eligible for airfare book their flight?
First, register for LTW. Be sure to select “FLYING” in the method of transportation. Once you have registered you will receive an email to begin the booking process. We will then connect you with our travel agent, Kim Criscuolo (Kim.Criscuolo@Altour.com). You will need to provide your legal name as it appears on your travel documents, your date of birth, airport, and preferred departure time. So that we may get the best pricing possible, we ask that you register for LTW by December 10, so we can book your travel with our agent by December 15, 2021We will not provide reimbursement for airfare booked after December 22, 2021.

How will I get from the airport to the camp?
A Triangle shuttle van will be operating during the day on Friday. When you complete booking your airfare, we will contact you with information on where to find the shuttle and its departure times from the airport. If you need to arrive Thursday night, we will need to arrange other means of transportation for you. Once you register, you will receive more detailed instructions.

Where is Jameson Camp located?
The Jameson Camp is located just a few minutes away from the Triangle National Headquarters and the Indianapolis International Airport at 2001 Bridgeport Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46231. There is free parking in a private lot on the property.

When do I need to arrive?
LTW registration and check-in begins on Friday, January 14 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. The program officially kicks off at 4:30 p.m. We recommend you plan to arrive to the Camp no later than 3:30 p.m., so that you can get settled before we begin. You won’t want to miss dinner! This schedule allows even those coming in from the west coast to fly in on Friday.

Am I going to have time to do homework while I am there?
You would potentially have time when the program concludes each night, but this is prime time to socialize with brothers from across the country and learn from their experiences. We respect and support your commitment to academics but encourage you to get your work done before arriving, so you can make the most of your time while at LTW.

What is the schedule for the weekend?
You can view the proposed 2022 in-person schedule here. A final schedule will be provided before arrival. We are finalizing the virtual track schedule now, but it will include online programming for several hours on both Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 15/16.

Will I have free time to leave the camp?
You will be scheduled non-stop from 8 a.m. until 9 or 10 p.m. each day, but we will provide some time to interact more socially with attendees on Friday and Saturday evening. We expect all attendees to stay on Camp premises during the full weekend, as weather often can prevent leaving safely in evenings. Should you need to leave the camp for some reason, please clear that with staff.

What should I bring?

  • Dress code is casual: jeans and sweatshirts are fine
  • Linens, blankets, pillows, or a sleeping bag (we will have 60 sets on-site to accommodate all those who are flying)
  • Warm clothes (the buildings are heated, but you’ll be walking outside between sessions and it is winter)
  • Warm sleeping clothes (cabins are heated, but they are cabins…in the winter)
  • Towels and washcloths for the shower
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Shower shoes (flip-flops)
  • Medicine (if applicable) and appropriate masking to prevent exposure
  • Any Triangle t-shirts you may want to trade with others
  • Laptop or tablet; Pens & paper
  • Chargers for your devices
  • Cash or credit card for your journey
  • Materials to share: Officer binders, recruitment plan, new member education program, treasurer budget, etc.

What is NOT allowed?

  • This is a substance-free event. Alcohol or other controlled substances are not permitted, even en-route to camp. Violators of this policy will not be permitted to participate, will be sent home immediately at their own expense, and will be required to reimburse the Fraternity all costs. Additionally, the Alumni Chapter President and Dean of Students of their respective institution will be notified.
  • Camp policies and our insurance prohibit firearms, fireworks or any other explosive devices on premise.

Please contact Executive Director Tom Pennington at tom@triangle.org with any additional questions.


The cost per track varies based on grants from generous alumni gifts and the recently implemented National Education Fee. The costs of each track include professional-level facilitation, participant workbooks with post-LTW resources and participant tees. Those attending in-person sessions will receive all meals during LTW, lodging at Jameson Camp and transportation to and from the airport. The usual CEF portion of each track cost has already been paid via National Education Fee, so there is no need to request additional funds from your CEF for registrations unless you want to fund extra attendees.

Attendees will work with peers at other chapters and with Triangle National Council members, alumni and staff, as well as representatives of Triangle Education Foundation and Triangle Building and Housing Corporation. Come with your ideas, questions, and concerns as this is a gathering of Triangle’s top talent.

Below you will find the capacity of each track and the costs to attend. Chapter may send one attendee for each track at the subsidized price. Additional attendees may register for some tracks, but a fee will be required to cover room, board and/or material costs to allow their attendance.


In-Person Tracks hosted at Jameson Camp in Indianapolis, IN

Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Leadership Academy
(Chapter/Colony Presidents only)

Capacity: 36
Original Cost: $565.00 per attendee
Grant Provided by Steven L. Miller: $405.00 per attendee
Investment Made by Triangle Fraternity: $135.00 per attendee

Final Cost: $25.00 per attendee
Only one participant per chapter


Elevate Recruitment Workshop
(Recruitment, Growth, Life Skills, Networking)

Capacity: 40
Original Cost: $425.00 per attendee
Grant Provided by Education Fee: $280.00 per attendee
Investment Made by Triangle Fraternity: $120.00 per attendee

Final Cost: $25.00 for first attendee
Additional chapter attendees: $200.00
Airfare credits for first attendee only


Finance Workshop
(Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers)

Capacity: 40
Original Cost: $425.00 per attendee
Grant Provided by Education Fee Income: $280.00 per attendee
Investment Made by Triangle Fraternity: $120.00 per attendee

Final Cost: $25.00 for first attendee
Additional chapter attendees: $200.00
Airfare credits for first attendee only

Triangle Recruitment Coach Training
(Approved Alumni only)

Capacity: 12
Original Cost: $425.00 per attendee
Investment Made by Triangle Fraternity: $425.00 per attendee

Final Cost: No registration cost to approved Alumni attendees.
Participants are encouraged to consider an optional non-deductible gift to help offset costs.

Additional attendees will need to utilize their chapter operating budget to pay for their registration equal to the cost listed above for additional chapter attendees. Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF) accounts can pay for a portion of any additional attendees and their transportation. Contact us to review your options.


Virtual Tracks hosted Online

Wakerly Service-Learning Workshop
(Leadership Advantage, FIRST, Philanthropy, Public Relations)

Capacity: 40
Original Cost: $95.00 per attendee
Grant Provided by Wakerly Family: $40.00 per attendee
Grant Provided by Education Fee Income: $20.00 per attendee
Investment Made by Triangle Fraternity: $10.00 per attendee

Final Cost: $25.00 for each attendee


New Member Educator Workshop
(New Member Educators, Member Development)

Capacity: 40
Original Cost: $95.00 per attendee
Grant Provided by Education Fee Income: $40.00 per attendee
Investment Made by Triangle Fraternity: $30.00 per attendee

Final Cost: $25.00 for each attendee


Emerging Leaders Workshop
(Freshmen, Sophomores, New Members)

Capacity: 40
Grant Provided by Education Fee Income: $40.00 per attendee
Investment Made by Triangle Fraternity: $30.00 per attendee

Final Cost: $25.00 for each attendee

Refund Policy

Chapters can transfer their registrations to others without penalty. Refunds for those who register but cannot attend will be considered after the event, if funds remain after all costs are paid.

Through the generosity of donors and grants from the Triangle Education Foundation, reimbursements are available for some travel expenses to allow more members to attend. If you have a special situation that cannot be addressed by the process below, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can work to find solutions.

For Attendees Driving to Plainfield, IN
Mileage will be determined from campus address/zip to Plainfield, IN, via Google Maps’ shortest route. Only one reimbursement per vehicle. Parking at the camp is free and secure.

  •  Participants less than 350 miles drive from Plainfield, IN will be expected to drive. Those who drive will receive the IRS nonprofit rate of fourteen (14) cents per mile, round-trip. Share the ride with more attendees from your chapter to share costs.

Example: Three attendees traveling 300 miles round-trip would receive $42 reimbursement (300 total miles x .14).

  •  Participants who live more than 350 miles drive from Plainfield, IN and wish to drive will be reimbursed at a flat rate of $75 for every attendee from their chapter they bring with them. If you’re driving from a far distance, consider overnighting at another chapter on the way to break up your trip and meet new people!

Example: Chapter president and two attendees from 400 miles away would receive $225.

NOTES: Reimbursements will only be made if a reimbursement form is submitted by 5 p.m. EST on January 31, 2022. Forms will be available at LTW or can be emailed to you.

For those eligible for airfare credits, there are two options:
The first is to ticket through our official agent no later than December 22. Triangle will cover the price of the ticket up to the allowance (full cost for PLA and up to $300 for Recruitment and Finance). Our agent/s will do their best to find flights within the allowance that get you in and out on time, but attendees will be responsible to cover any amount greater than the allowance. We only purchase refundable tickets which may increase the price slightly. That way, if you are prevented from attending, we can get a full refund.

The second option is for you to book your own tickets and apply for reimbursement after completion of the program. Attendance is the responsibility of the student, and you must arrive and depart on dates/times that allow full participation in the program. If you choose not to attend or are somehow prevented from attending, you should receive a credit from the airline toward future travel. We cannot reimburse your ticket costs if you do not attend.

For either option, if you need assistance estimating the reimbursement/s for your chapter’s travel, contact us at hq@triangle.org.

Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Leadership Academy
Thanks to a grant provided by Steven L. Miller, PLA participants from greater than 350 miles away will have their full airfare covered if they book through Triangle’s travel agent by the required deadline.

ELEVATE Recruitment Workshop
Our best chapters have strong visibility on campus and know how to tell the Triangle story. Participants who live beyond 350 miles may fly and will have a maximum of $300.00 of their flight covered/reimbursed. For those driving, the driving information above applies.

Finance Workshop
Fraternity chapters and many other organizations close every year due to financial mismanagement. This is a valuable program to teach the important principles that can help you throughout life. Participants who live beyond 350 miles from the Jameson Camp may choose to fly and will have a maximum of $300.00 of their flight covered or reimbursed. For those driving, the driving information above applies.

Wakerly Service Learning Workshop
The Wakerly Service Learning Workshop will now focus on providing attendees with the tools and resources to offer effective and meaningful service and philanthropy events for their organization and communities, specifically through two vehicles: FIRST® and the Leadership Advantage Program. This is a virtual track held online.

New Member Educator Workshop
Triangle Fraternity is committed to supporting our New Member Educators and the overall new member experience and is therefore invested in those who participate in the newly enhanced New Member Educator Workshop. This is a virtual track held online.

Emerging Leaders Workshop
The Fraternity is committed to developing emerging leaders so that our chapters can continue to be sustainable. This newly developed experience highlights various aspects of leadership and will prepare emerging leaders to take on leadership roles within the fraternity and their campus community. This is a virtual track held online.

Triangle Recruitment Coaches Training (alumni)
Through a grant from our Expansion/Growth budget, alumni volunteers approved to be trained as Recruitment Coaches will have all registration and room/board fees covered, as well as reimbursement for the costs of transportation up to $200. For those expecting higher transportation costs, please contact us as soon as possible and we will work to find options.

For Attendees Flying to Plainfield, IN
Those beyond 350 miles from Jameson Camp who choose to fly and wish to have Triangle front that cost, will need to make reservations through our approved Travel Agent, Kim Criscuolo, at Kim.Criscuolo@Altour.com or by phone at (972) 643-4902. Kim will need your legal name as it appears on your official ID, date of birth, departing airport, and preferred departure time.

Before you book your flight, you will need to complete your online registration for LTW and select “FLYING” as your mode of transportation. Once you are registered, we will provide Kim your name and you will be cleared to book a ticket. To receive financial support for flights, you must book your travel with our travel agent by Wednesday, December 22, 2021, but we will appreciate your booking by Wednesday, December 8, as it will take advantage of lower fares.

For any and all questions related to registration, program content or reimbursements, please email hq@triangle.org 

On the Registration Page, please indicate one attendee under the Guest/Staff/National Council option.

Depending upon total registration numbers and the need to provide greater social distancing safety, advisors, guest, and/or councilmen may be housed off-site so that we may accommodate all undergraduate attendees and facilitators at the Jameson Camp.

A hotel block with discounted rates has been reserved at the La Quinta Inn & Suites, Plainfield. Please make sure that after registering for the event that you email tom@triangle.org with your arrival and departure dates so that we can secure your room.

For Councilmen flying into Indianapolis, a free shuttle runs upon request from La Quinta Inn & Suites to Indianapolis International Airport. Staff and alumni who drive in can provide transport to the Camp each day.

La Quinta Inn & Suites, Indianapolis/Plainfield
Address: 2251 Manchester Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168
Phone: (317) 279-2650