Program Overview

The Pyramid Accreditation Program lays a framework for chapters and colonies for how they should operate and perform. Structured around the 10 Code of Ethics, The Pyramid defines Triangle’s expectations for its member chapters and colonies.

Broken into tiers, chapters and colonies are required to maintain a red tier status in order to stay in good standing with the National Fraternity.

The following image describes how chapters and colonies will be scored.

Pyramid Scoring

Frequently Asked Questions


How does this relate to the chapter efficiency program that our ELC’s used to send us? The Pyramid will take the place of the past chapter efficiency report. While the program is structured similarly to the past report it now includes more detailed items, baseline expectations, and items that relate back to the Fraternity’s principles and values. Chapters & colonies will receive a report post-consultant visit highlighting the objectives the chapter/colony has met, and those that still need to be completed. Moreover, chapters and colonies may receive additional reports upon request to continuously help in tracking their progress and goals.


Where do we submit this information to? A majority of the information within the Pyramid is submitted via ChapterSpot through forms and tasks. Remaining items will be covered by your designated Fraternity staff member on their site visit or via conference call.


What happens to our score if something outlined in the plan is not applicable to us? If there is an item that isn’t applicable to your chapter, then the total points will be taken from all of the items that ARE applicable. Non-applicable items will typically be those dealing with a chapter facility.


Is this criterion scored objectively or subjectively? Red & yellow tiers are all scored objectively. You will be scored based on if you did or did not do something or if you did or did not meet the requirement.  Because the green and blue tiers are intentionally set to be more difficult and require more details they are more likely to be scored subjectively.


How does this program tie into the Building Better Men Program & National Awards? For the 2017-2018 year, the Building Better Men program is now consolidated with the Pyramid Accreditation program and National Chapter Awards program to form one large program. Pyramid scoring will be a determining factory in the winners for both the Better Men program and the National Chapter Awards program.  To learn more about the Judy & Larry Garatoni Building Better Men program, click here.


How does this tie into the Journey? Similar to the mission of The Journey: to create continuity and consistency among our chapters and colonies, the Pyramid is not directly linked to The Journey. Connections that can be made between the two programs include: activities completed through The Journey can and should also be counted towards criteria listed in the Pyramid. For example, if your chapter/colony is participating in The Journey and your members are requesting a career-development program to fulfill one of their required Journey activities you should make sure to count this towards fulfilling the “Ongoing Member Development” item in the Pyramid.

Basically, we do not want you to reinvent the wheel. Work smarter, not harder. If you are doing programs that your IFC or Greek Life Office requires, find where they also apply in the Pyramid. Don’t do double or triple the work!


What happens if we don’t fulfill the baseline expectations or National requirements? Baseline expectations or Red tier criteria are the pieces that the National Fraternity and staff identified as minimum guidelines that a chapter or colony must complete in order to function properly. Should a chapter or colony fall in the red tier they will receive additional support from the National Staff by way of additional on-site support and educational programs.

National Requirements are the items that are required by the National Fraternity & staff in order to remain in good standing with the National Fraternity. These items are musts. Should a chapter or colony not complete these items they will be placed on an action plan by the National Standards Committee. For a full list of requirements, please refer to the Pyramid packet.

What are the incentives for this program? 
In the past, the Chapter Efficiency report did not provide a structured scoring system. By offering outlined criteria for each tier, chapters and colonies will now be scored consistently no matter what National staff member is conducting the site-visit or assessing materials submitted on ChapterSpot.

Chapters and colonies will now receive summary reports after every on-site visit in an effort to assist them in their chapter operations and progress to reaching their desired goals and outcomes.

Chapters and colonies will receive better support from the National staff by way of issue-focused on-site consultations and custom-made educational programs.

Chapters and colonies will be recognized at the summer leadership event by their plan rating. Ratings will be posted online and will be encouraged to be promoted on the chapter-level for recruitment purposes.

Program Packet

For more details on how this program works and a complete listing of criteria please download the document below.  For any questions, please contact Director of Chapter Services Drew Hopson at