2020 National Council Election

National Council is Triangle’s all-volunteer board of directors consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, six alumni Councilmen, one active Councilman, and the Past President.  The Secretary, Treasurer, and Active Councilman positions are appointed annually.  The President and Vice President are elected for one-year terms and three Councilmen are elected each year for two-year terms.

Below are the nominated candidate’s biographies and goals.  Once you feel comfortable placing your vote you may do so by completing and submitting the form below.  If you would like to vote via paper ballot, please contact Triangle Fraternity Headquarters at (317) 847-9640 or via email to tom@triangle.org

Online voting closes May 31, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Nominated for President | Joe Cerrato os05

Education: Ohio State University; BS & MS in Industrial Systems Engineering, 08′ & 10′
Employer:  KeyBank
Occupation:  Digital Product Owner, Money Movement Capabilities in Online and Mobile App Banking
Goals for Triangle: Implement the next strategic plan –> Optimize.  Grow our membership, grow our alternative revenue (outside of active dues), grow our chapters, grow our partnership with FIRST, grow our national network.  Launch our new Triangle brand, brand artifacts for chapter use, and merchandise.  Continue our Triangle National Council Outreach program focusing on improving communication and transparency between our chapters / active membership and the National Council.  Reduce our operating costs where applicable, reduce dues, and reduce total cost of membership.  Continue fostering and building OneTriangle in our partnership with the Triangle Education Foundation (TEF) and Triangle Building and Housing Corporation (TBHC).

Nominated for Vice President | John Cottage ps04

Employer:  CDI, LLC
Occupation:  Specializing in WAN, Data Center and Network Security Design
Goals for Triangle: 1) Increased focus on membership growth in existing chapters; 2) Ensure each chapter has appropriate mentorship board/group; 3) Foster warm start groups into chapters; 4) Strive to financial stability and affordability.

Nominated for Councilman | Bob Goehring is76

Education: Iowa State University, BSCE 1978, MSCE 1981 Co-Major in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering; Rollins College – The Crummer Graduate School of Business 1989 (The Management Program)
Employer: ECS Southeast, LLP
Occupation/Position: Consulting Engineer, Chief Engineer, Executive Vice President
Goals for Triangle: Serve on the National Council and help anyway I can to support the active chapters and enhance brotherhood within the alumni.  Through recent experience as a chapter adviser for the GA Tech Colony and extensive experience leading both for-profit business groups and various non-profit groups I hope to offer a slightly different perspective and add value.

Nominated for Councilman | Bryley Murphy ky12

Education: University of Kentucky, BS in STEM Education & Mathematics ’14; University of South Carolina, M.Ed. in Educational Administration, ’17
Employer: Boone County Schools – Randall Cooper HS
Occupation: Secondary Math Teacher
Goals for Triangle: Create educational programs that put the needs of our users first via focusing on relevant metrics as well as inviting stakeholders into the planning process. Establish an action research process that supports our program planning. Explore how technology can help us to get our programs in front of a wider audience.

Nominated for Councilman | Ryan Sunyak tol10

Employer:  General Electric
Goals for Triangle: 1.  Ensure that the priorities of our membership are engrained in the strategic plan, annual work plan, and council initiatives. Deliverables for the term include input into the staff work plan so that the required baseline data collection is accomplished, constituent discussions on fraternity experience/expectations/value, and parsing the results of feedback to develop a representative voice for each constituent group.  The end objective is to better understand what each constituent group defines as success measures and the critical questions asked of each so that strategy, work plans, and initiatives can be weighed against it.

2.  Use the position to improve council engagement and throughput. I believe that the most direct method for engagement on this type of board is active committees.  So, I plan to collaborate with the President so that I can take a more active role in improving committee management while he focuses more time on strategic direction.  This alleviates the current issue with many committees that little management occurs outside of council meetings so inaction lingers.  Deliverables for the term are ensuring that all committees have goals, rosters, and recurring meetings with set agendas.

3.  Initiate a value analysis for NIC membership options with council and immediate fraternity family during this term. This is a necessity so that a future membership decision can be grounded in logic and an intentional choice rather than a reaction to negative emotion in the changing fraternal landscape.  The deliverable for this term is (1) development of a plan or decision tree with staff to assess NIC membership at critical milestones, (2) continued discussion with similarly positioned fraternities, (3) execution of targeted discussions with key active and alumni audiences to assess the temperature of the membership on this subject.

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The Triangle Building & Housing Corporation’s Leadership Team is an all-volunteer board of directors, consisting of a chairman, secretary/treasurer, assistant secretary, and two directors. Members of the Fraternity also have the opportunity to elect a Director for the Triangle Building & Housing Corporation. Director terms last for five years. This year the elected Director would begin his term July 1, 2020. The five-year term would conclude June 30, 2025.

Nominated for Director | Jim Marshall pur65

Brother Marshall pur65, was previously the Associate Director of Computing Research for the Office of Space Management and Academic Scheduling at Purdue University.

He received his bachelors of science degree in 1967 and a master of science in 1970, both from Purdue University. He worked in the Office of Space Management and Scheduling for Purdue for 46 years, retiring as Associate Director of Computing Research in 2013. Jim is a distinguished leader in his field as he was instrumental in the development of the computer program that brought classroom space and class scheduling and final exam assignment out of the dark ages of paper and pencil and into the computer age. This development was the “big bang” of computerized scheduling for higher ed, a system originated by Jim and Purdue that after decades of evolution is now in use around the world.

Jim was initiated into the Triangle Chapter at Purdue in 1965 and graduated in 1967. After graduation his passion for Triangle only grew.. Jim served for nearly 40 years on the Purdue Triangle Alumni Board, 30+ years on the Triangle National Building Loan Fund/Building & Housing Corp. Jim twice served as Triangle National President 1979-1980 and 1987-1988; Triangle National Council 1976-1981, 1986-1989; and received the National Service Key in 1995.

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