Rattle 3

University of Texas - Arlington

Installed: September 27, 1986
Rattle Delivered to Texas A&M: April 9, 1988
Object Added: Creators of Rattle 3

“The design of Rattle III came out of all our heads, Steve Roberts, Mark Henderson, Berry Rogers, Michael Garner, Ralph Serralta, and myself. I made the rattle in my grandfather’s woodshop in Arlington, Texas.

“Rattle III is made of oak (specifically, red oak), a wood used in woodcraft for many centuries and known for its strength and character. It is a regular tetrahedron so that when viewed orthogonally from any side, or from the apex, the image is that of a Triangle. These two qualities of Rattle III link it to the Coat of Arms, which contains the imagery of the tree and the pyramid. The sandblasted glass, with the image of the Triangle T, backed with felt of the closest color to old rose we could get, was added by the UTA chapter also. The other two sides I rabbeted so other chapters could add things.”—Anthony Buckalew uta87

Texas A & M

Installed: April 9, 1988
Rattle Delivered to Michigan Tech: April 16, 1988
Object Added: Glass Plate

The TAMU Chapter added a glass plate with the Triangle Coat of Arms.

Michigan Tech

Installed: April 16, 1988
Rattle Delivered toTri-State: April 15, 1989
Object Added: Etched mirror

The Michigan Tech Chapter added an etched mirror with an image of the original rattle.

Tri-State Chapter

Installed: April 15, 1989
Rattle Delivered to Akron: November 2, 1991
Object Added: Rotating base

“The Tri-State Chapter added a rotating base to the rattle. This is intended to represent flexibility while keeping a strong base”—David Rhodes tsu90


Installed: November 2, 1991
Rattle Delivered to Northern Illinois: October 9, 1993
Object Added: Addition Unknown

Northern Illinois

Installed: October 9, 1993
Rattle Delivered to UMBC:  July 30, 2005
Object Added: Plaque with Triangle Purpose

Added a plaque inscribed with the purpose of Triangle.


Installed: June 4, 2005
Rattle Delivered to Houston: April 19, 2008
Object Added: Level and plaque with Triangle’s purpose


Installed: April 19, 2008
Rattle Delivered to Cal:  April 24, 2010
Object Added: Brand

Brand of Texas symbol, Space Shuttle, and Delta-T


Installed: April 24, 2010
Rattle Delivered to UCSD: February 11, 2011
Object Added: GPS

Installed GPS tracking system


Installed: February 11, 2011
Object Added: LCD screen

Installed an acrylic triton with UCSD inscribed on it.

Cal Poly

Installed: May 7, 2011
Rattle Delivered to UNC Charlotte: September 29, 2012
Object Added: LCD screen

For logistical reasons, the Rattle was transferred from UCSD directly to Cal Poly Pomona, and then to Charlotte, which had been installed on April 30, 2011.

Installed a LED screen showing a list of Triangle chapters.  Inscribed on the metal plate surrounding the LED screen is the name of John Jutiyasantayanon, a brother of the Cal Poly chapter who passed away in August 2012.

UNC Charlotte

Installed: April 30, 2011
Object Added: Replacement of Texas A&M’s addition with aluminum milled Coat of Arms flanked by “Texas A&M” and “UNCC”, green LED internal lighting 

During the transit of Rattle 3 from Pomona, California to Charlotte, North Carolina Rattle 3 was badly damaged.  Upon arriving in Charlotte many of the glass artifacts of the rattle had shattered and most metal items were bent.

Upon receiving the damaged Rattle 3, the UNC Charlotte chapter set to work restoring it.  After a year the rattle was mostly restored to its former glory.  The shattered glass pieces were re-created in milled aluminum by Br. Michael Ponzo uncc10 to preserve the historical chapter contributions.

Upon completion of re-constructing Rattle 3, the UNC Charlotte chapter added green LED lighting to its center to signify the colors of their alumna mater.  The third Rattle was then driven to the Triangle Headquarters by brothers Bengamin Lowry uncc13, Drew Wall uncc13, and Tom Robertson uncc11 and retired.

A fourth Rattle has been created with the shattered glass from Rattle 3 included inside to ensure the additions of past chapters are included, no matter their form, and to have the new Rattle 4 possess the ability to rattle.