Joining a Chapter

Joining a fraternity can open many doors. In Triangle, you will have access to some of the most innovative leadership development programs, academic resources, and notable alumni.

As our non-Greek letter name suggests, we are a bit different than other men’s social fraternities. We support scholarship and the attainment of a degree first and provide social outlets to compliment the academic experience. In essence, we take smart, focused men and provide the social and leadership skills to make them well-rounded graduates.


Recruitment on Your Campus

Regardless of your campus, there should be a fraternity recruitment process. Most Interfraternity Councils (IFC) – the governing body of fraternities on your campus – will organize a registration or recruitment period, usually at the start of each semester. We encourage you to contact your campus IFC or Fraternity/Sorority Advisor for information on recruitment dates and activities.

Additionally, many of Triangle’s chapters participate in a process known as ‘365 Recruitment’, which gives you the opportunity to meet with us at informal gatherings – such as other clubs or campus events, in the lab, at the dining hall, or at campus athletic events – throughout the year.

Remember, recruitment is a mutual selection process – both you and the fraternity you choose must decide that the fit is right. The goal of recruitment is to allow our brothers a chance to meet you, and for you to see if we are the right match. During recruitment, our brothers look for men who agree with our values and goals, including academic achievement, fiscal responsibility, leadership, integrity, and a commitment to service and community.

But you don’t have to wait for a process or event to make contact. If you have an interest in the only men’s STEM fraternity, contact us HERE and we’ll get your information to the local chapter recruitment chair – any time during the year. Membership in a group like Triangle can be an asset to your successful on-time graduation and a job before you graduate!

Request more information about our individual chapters, access recruitment resources, or get connected to our chapter on your campus by emailing us at

To locate a chapter or colony, click here.


Honorary/Associate Initiate Program

Not every person has the opportunity to become an initiated member of a college fraternity while a student. Some schools do not have Greek organizations, other people’s schedules in college did not allow them to join, or they could not find the right fraternity for them.

Becoming an initiated brother of Triangle Fraternity is a great honor and privilege. While most of our members join as undergraduate students, Triangle allows the honorary initiation of adult graduates into our brotherhood. For an honorary initiate, the privilege may take on more meaning than joining as an undergraduate.  Associate members can be more active with undergraduate chapters and is most appealing to graduate students already on campus.

Honorary or Associate initiation is comparable to receiving an honorary degree from a major university – or even the ancient tradition of Knighthood. It is a recognition for your achievements as an adult, but we also consider it confidence you will accomplish great things in the future.

Triangle chooses outstanding individuals to become members as alumni because we realize that joining a fraternity is a life-long commitment and can open the door to new experiences and opportunities. While many fraternities focus only on the years spent in college, that is just a small part of a much larger and greater experience.

Chapters are encouraged to select honorary initiates on an annual or biennial basis, to recognize and celebrate outstanding accomplishments in the STEM professions, academics or research, or to recognize those who have provided signal service to Triangle Fraternity, its chapters or members.

If you are interested in honorary/associate membership or know someone who should be considered, contact your local campus chapter or the National HQ at


A Message to Parents

If your son is considering or has accepted membership into Triangle, congratulations! He’s taking an important step to support his goals of achieving a STEM or Architecture degree and pursuing a similar career. From the lack of Greek letters to a focus on “grades, graduation and great jobs after”, Triangle is different than other fraternities you may see in the media. We respect our members and want them to succeed – on campus and in life.

With over 25,000 initiates in more than 110 years of history, Triangle is the only fraternity for men pursuing degrees in Engineering, Architecture and the Sciences. Our network of alumni is wide and diverse and includes leaders in a wide variety of professions. The Ethics upon which we are based are public and can be found here. I think you will agree they are a road-map to success. We encourage you to become familiar with Triangle from the content of our website.

Ultimately though, Triangle is about friendships and the support friends provide to those new to college or taking on a challenging degree plan. We get your son because we are just like him – focused on a difficult academic regimen, looking several years down the road to a lucrative career, but wanting and needing a social group with which to identify and grow. In that respect, we’re really a STEM fraternity that provides social and leadership skills, rather than a more tradition social fraternity.

If/When your son joins a fraternity, you become part of the fraternal family.  It is important that you feel comfortable with his decision and the experience that awaits.  Please take some time to read our recruitment welcome letter and visit our parent’s page.  If you have any questions, at anytime, please feel free to contact Executive Director, Tom Pennington at or at (317) 837-9640.



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