The Cost of Fraternity

Fulfilling your financial obligation to your chapter enables your treasurer to fund socials, recruitment, brotherhood events, philanthropy and much more. In the same respect, your chapter must fulfill its financial obligation to the great fraternity to allow the fraternity to provide cutting-edge programs that help to build better men for a better world.

Membership is for Life

In Triangle Fraternity, we place a large emphasis on understanding the financial obligations of membership prior to joining. Once a new member makes the commitment to be initiated into a chapter, he is expected to fulfill a financial obligation for the full tenure of his undergraduate education.

Every new member and brother should be aware of the following and all other local costs before making a lifelong commitment to Triangle.

Prospective members and brothers often find that creating a four or five-year personal budget will aid in determining whether or not Triangle is affordable for them. This is best done prior to being initiated, because again, once initiated there is an expectation to uphold the financial burden of the chapter and the national organization.

National Dues & Fees: The Basics

Many chapters choose to incorporate all national dues and fees into their local dues structure. Typical semester dues will include other local fees for housing, Interfraternity Council dues, social activities or meal plans. The total amount of dues you pay each semester is different for each university.


National Pledge Fee

The National Pledge fee is a one-time fee of $90 and is due within 14 days of becoming a new member. This fee provides each new member with a new member manual and new member education materials.

National Initiation Fee

The National Initiation fee is a one-time fee of $260 and is due 14 days prior to the scheduled initiation. This fee provides each brother with the official Fraternity membership badge and certificate, and a lifelong subscription to the national magazine, the Triangle REVIEW.

National Active Fee (NAF)

The National Active Fee (NAF) is an annual fee per initiated member. It is currently set at $250 and is due within two weeks of starting the academic term. This fee is split evenly each academic term over the course of one year. This fee subsidizes national events and resources, undergraduate chapter support, expansion efforts, alumni services, and Triangle Headquarter operations.

National Active Fee (NAF)

The National Education Fee (NEF) is an annual fee per initiated member. It is currently set at $120 and is billed shortly after the start of the academic term. This fee can be paid by Chapter Endowment Funds within the Triangle Education Foundation, so might not be billed to members of many chapters. This fee underwrites national educational programs and services for members and chapters.

Risk Management Program Fee

The Risk Management Program Fee is currently set at $150. This is the “base rate”. Chapters may pay more or less, based on their claims and performance history. This fee is billed each August and is due on September 15. This fee provides insurance coverage for chapter officers, members and volunteers and supports Triangle’s Health & Safety programs and resources, such as training and presentations to prevent alcohol/substance abuse, sexual misconduct and hazing. 

Triangle Fraternity has partnered with James R. Favor & Co. to provide insurance coverage to our members. For more information, visit their website at For more information on the Fraternity Health and Safety and insurance program, visit the website at

Active/Alumni Chapter Fees

The Active Chapter fee is $1,250 per year.  This fee is billed in two installments of $600 each and covers the registration costs of two chapter delegates to attend National Convention.  Registration includes shared hotel room and convention meals and events.

The Alumni Chapter fee is $750 per year and covers the registration cost of one alumnus delegate to attend National Convention.  The full amount is billed in March.  All payments are due within 30 days of the chapter receiving the invoice from the National Headquarters.

National Growth Initiative

In order to help chapters minimize the cost of national fees, Triangle has initiated a Growth Initiative.  Chapters that grow total membership over time can get a credit against their national fees.  Growth goals are set by HQ each year and are based on the average membership of the previous three years, plus 25%.  Chapters reaching or exceeding their goal receive a credit on their chapter account.  The 2022/2023 credit was $400.


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