National Honorary


National Honorary Members may be chosen from engineers, architects, and scientists in appropriate fields who have attained recognized national standing in their professions.  Throughout the years Triangle Fraternity has been proud to recognize brothers who think outside the box and attain whole new heights in their respective fields.


Daniel W. Mead wis14hon/natlhon32
Foremost authority on hydraulics and longtime professor at the University of Wisconsin.

Arthur N. Talbot ill13hon/natlhon32
Longtime professor of municipal and sanitary engineering at the University of Illinois; famed authority on concrete and railroads.

John R. Hodge ill16/natlhon50
Joined the army during World War I; served with distinction in World War II and was military governor of Korea; became chief of the Army Field Forces with the rank of lieutenant general.

Ovid W. Eshbach nu43hon/natlhon52
Dean of the Technological Institute, Northwestern University, from 1939 until his death in 1958; Bell Telephone engineer and official of AT&T; director of Argonne Laboratories during World War II; recipient of the Chanute Medal of the Western Society of Engineers.

David B. Steinman natlhon57
Famed master bridge builder; designer of the five-mile Straits of Mackinac Bridge in Michigan; designed over 400 bridges on five continents.

Solomon C. Hollister cor42hon/natlhon59
Graduated in civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin and served in a number of research and consulting capacities before becoming director of the Cornell University School of Civil Engineering in 1934; later was dean of engineering and a trustee of that university.

Benjamin G. Elliott wis47hon/natlhon61
For many years professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin; authority on steam engineering, fuels and combustion, gas engines and turbines; national director of scholarship for Triangle 1965-75 and a director of the Triangle Fraternity Education Foundation 1969-75.

Herbert R. Hanley mom37hon/natlhon63
Professor emeritus of metallurgical engineering at the University of Missouri, Rolla; noted internationally for research on use of natural resources.

William L. Everitt ill48hon/natlhon64
Dean emeritus of engineering at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and a founding member of the National Academy of Engineering; honored by the government, technical societies, and the American Society for Engineering Education.

Harold B. Gotaas nu59hon/natlhon73
The Walter P. Murphy professor of engineering and dean emeritus of the Technological Institute, Northwestern University; international consultant and authority on environmental, waste supply, waste disposal, sanitary engineering, education, and economic development problems.

John T. Rettaliata ar49hon/natlhon73
Board chairman, Banco di Roma, Chicago, and president emeritus, Illinois Institute of Technology; former president, Institute of Gas Technology and of IIT Research Institute; fields of expertise include steam turbine, gas turbine, and jet propulstion research and development.

Ralph G. Nevins natlhon74
Fellow, John B. Pierce Foundation Laboratory, Yale University; former dean of engineering, Kansas State University; fields of research include environmental engineering, heat transfer, air conditioning, and automatic controls.

Andrey A. Potter pur58hon/natlhon75
Dean emeritus, Purdue University; associated with Purdue engineering faculty for over fifty years; awarded honorary title of Dean of Engineering Universities in 1949 by his alma mater, MIT; consultant to schools and government bureaus; member of, in most cases president of, and recipient of highest honors from leading engineering, research, and educational societies.

Ralph C. Lenz, Jr. natlhon75
Aeronautical consultant; original work on technological forecasting is widely accepted by Defense Department, industry, foreign governments, and NATO; founding editor, Journal of Technological Forecasting.

John A. Logan rose68hon/natlhon77
International authority on sanitation and water supply; president, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 1962-76.

Alfred H. Samborn natlhon83
Founder of one of the nation’s largest firms of engineers, architects and planners; chairman of the Board of Ethical Review of the NSPE.

James E.A. John tol77hon/natlhon96
President of GMI Engineering & Management Institute in Flint, MI, 1991-present. Executive director of a motor vehicle emissions committee charged with evaluating the feasibility of goals mandated by the Federal Clean Air Act. Honorary member of the Toledo Chapter of Triangle. Former head of the mechanical engineering department at Ohio State University and Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts.

Herman Schneider cin22hon/natlhon99
Pioneer implementer of the cooperative education concept. Former Dean of Engineering of the University of Cincinnati.