Triangle Graduate Position Form

For the 2021/2022 Academic year, we are taking applications for positions being considered at Kansas, Marquette, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Penn State, Purdue and UCLA.


Become a Graduate Chapter Counselor with Triangle!
Several Triangle chapters each year look for live in graduate advisors/coaches to serve the undergraduate group and help them to succeed.  The Triangle Graduate Chapter Counselor is a 20-25 hour per week live-in graduate student whose primary responsibilities include a mix of student development work with coaching in chapter operations, recruitment, risk management education and overall chapter culture.  At most locations there also are some housing management responsibilities.

Position Responsibilities (vary per location)
• Develop and/or Deliver educational programs to improve individual and team skills in academics, social networking, health & safety, and community involvement.
• Mentor and coach students to improve personal leadership, motivation and planning skills.
• Work with students to build plans for short- and long-term success and stability.
• Assess impact of education programs and assist to improve/replace for future terms.
• Develop strategies to increase public relations, philanthropic activity and partnerships with others in the campus community.
• Act as liaison with university to identify and engage their resources to compliment/support Triangle educational efforts.
• Assist students to improve communications skills and build networks with successful STEM professionals.
• Develop a culture of organization, accountability and growth within the students.
• Serve as point of contact for alumni chapter, housing and advisor teams as well as member parents and some university contacts.

Housing Responsibilities (vary per location)
• Complete tasks related to opening and closing of housing facilities at designated times throughout the year.
• Support and ensure chapter compliance with occupancy, health codes and facility management expectations.
• Provide leadership to prepare property for major events or activities involving alumni, parents or guests.
• Be on-site contact for local law, fire and health authorities, as well as parents of student members.

• Acceptance into a graduate degree program at the institution where you will serve.
• Membership in a men’s or women’s social fraternal organization.  Preference will be given to those who served as staff with their national organization.
• Experience leading or guiding a chapter is expected.  Preference will be given to those who served as a major officer or committee head in successful campus chapters.
• Preference will be given to Triangle members.
• The position is a 10-month position with an opportunity for summer employment at some campuses.

Each position provides free single room, board (where there are house meal plans) and parking at the chapter house.  Additional stipends and/or tuition and relocation costs vary by location.

Applications should be submitted by May 1 for positions starting in August.  All those selected will need to complete training with Triangle HQ during summer.

NOTE: Please note that submitting an application is not an offer of employment or guarantee you will be selected. Employment timelines are a factor affected by local alumni corporations, so may not be the same for each campus.

Please complete the form below to express your interest in one of our graduate positions. Application or interest is no guarantee of placement. Candidates will be screened and selected based on a number of criteria, but this is the first step to show your interest.

Campus You Will/Plan to Attend

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