Triangle Fraternity at Marquette University


Triangle Fraternity is returning to the Marquette campus and will offer men in STEM majors a unique opportunity to join and lead a new organization on campus. This group of re-founders will be a part of Marquette and Triangle history!

The Marquette chapter was originally chartered in 1937 and can count among its initiates some of the University’s most loyal and successful alumni. Donations from those and other alumni made possible the current chapter house on N 15th Street, which the chapter will reoccupy. Alumni are currently raising additional funds to do renovations to improve the property. They also have built sizeable scholarship funds both at Marquette and within the Triangle Education Foundation. These are expected to provide over $40,000 in education funds and scholarships solely for the Marquette chapter.

The new group will be formed by a team made up of chapter alumni and several undergraduate volunteers who started their work in the Fall term. Candidates for membership in the Spring will need to be pursuing a STEM degree, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have some history of leadership and/or service in the last five years. Those selected will be a part of an interest group, helping to build new traditions while learning about the history and impact of Triangle at MU and nationwide. This is a rare opportunity on college campuses – to be a founding member of a group returning to campus, rather than simply joining a conventional pledge class.

If you are interested to be considered, please complete the form below, which will be sent to our Recruitment Committee. Otherwise, you may email us with your questions or to recommend a student for consideration at

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Triangle is Returning to Marquette!

This is a rare opportunity to be a re-founder of a new fraternity chapter.
Students who participate will learn to run and grow an organization and will be an important part of Triangle history!
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