Triangle Fraternity is Building at Washington State


Hello WSU Students!

Triangle STEM Fraternity, the premier men’s collegiate fraternal organization for engineers, architects and scientists, is now at the WSU campus.  We are excited to be the WSU fraternity/sorority community’s newest addition and feel we are an excellent fit.  We both are committed to an outstanding student experience, as well as social, academic and professional support for STEM students.  We both want successful undergraduates to go on to become successful professionals and to think fondly of their campus experience.

Founded in 1907 at the University of Illinois, Triangle has grown to 35 campuses in 25 states with a recent chapter installation at the University of Washington in Seattle and our newest provisional chapter at Wazzu.  This is a planned strategy to increase our presence in the Pacific Northwest and western U.S., so more area campuses will be coming.  

Triangle is looking for men ready to build a new group on campus – to organize and lead as new members; to set standards and traditions that will carry on through the years; to connect with area alumni and friends to improve their undergraduate experience and; to be Founding Fathers of a new chapter.  Only a very small percentage of fraternity men can call themselves Founders – it’s a very special distinction.

Triangle staff has formed a core group of students to start this project.  This Fall, they want to meet with any interested students to discuss this exciting project, talk about the benefits of Triangle membership and the power of bringing a new fraternity to WSU.  We will have additional visits from staff and national officers through the year.  If you have any interest in helping to create a strong new  organization with a focus on support to STEM students, we want to meet you!

Successful candidates will have a strong commitment to academics and a focus on good grades, graduation and great jobs after!  Triangle members come mostly from men who like the idea of a fraternity experience, but don’t see a group that would help them academically or value the difficult degree plans we pursue.  It’s a different experience when all those around you are also STEM majors – taking similar classes and labs, organizing study groups, and helping each other on projects.  It’s also a great advantage to have an alumni network of STEM professionals who can act as career contacts, advisors and even help find internships and co-ops.

If you have an interest to learn more about Triangle and the opportunities we offer, please complete and submit the form below.  We will contact you!  


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