NIC Policy Feedback Form

This form has been designed to allow members to provide feedback on the recent NIC policy regarding a ban on alcohol above 15% ABV from all chapter facilities, including the private rooms even of those of-age to consume alcohol. Questions regarding the policy and Triangle’s response are below so you can comment with greater understanding.

Why was this policy proposed/adopted?
• Nearly all hazing and over-consumption deaths in the past two years have involved students consuming high-percentage alcohol beverages.
• The Conference felt it was critically important to act with one voice to effectively implement an industry-wide standard.

Does the policy apply to private rooms in chapter houses?
• Yes, the Conference intentionally decided that this Standard will apply to the entire chapter facility, including the private living spaces of students who are of the legal drinking age.
• Note, our research shows more than 90% of students living in fraternity houses are under 21.

Will Triangle comply with the policy?
• Yes. As an NIC member that is our duty, but it also is a logical and reasonable step to take to reduce chances for accident or injury to our members and guests.
• That said, we want student feedback and are creating options for those discussions (see below).

What will be the impact on our chapters?
• Current Triangle risk management guidelines already prohibit hard alcohol at events or in common areas. This would simply extend the current policy to private rooms.
• It does not modify the current BYOB policy for beer and wine below 15% ABV – that remains as is.
• Many campuses will be adopting this policy to provide a common expectation for all fraternities, so we will not be the only ones bound by it.

The National Council of Triangle invite your input as part of our discussion. Please submit your thoughts with the form below. Only your age and comments are required fields, but we’d appreciate any additional information you wish to share.

Does your Chapter have housing?

Does your campus prohibit alcohol or hard alcohol in residence halls?

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