Dear Brothers,

I wish you all greetings and warm wishes on our Founders’ Day!  Triangle turns 112 years old on April 15, 2019, and I am excited for what our future holds.  As you all celebrate Founder’s Day, I want to share with you my thoughts as we look back at our history and plan for the future.

112 years of history have provided a strong foundation on which we continue to build.  Today, we are at 40 universities and interest from other universities growing.  We have nearly 1,300 active members and look forward to growth from each chapter.  Our opportunity for growth is based on the fact that we remain the most preeminent social fraternity for men in STEM majors.  Potential new members around the country still seek what our founders began with: personal growth and lifelong friendships.   

Founders’ day provides us with the opportunity to look back so that we can move forward.  Take this time to think about what Triangle has done over the last 112 years.  Think about what our areas of study have accomplished to make the world a better place. 

In the last Triangle Review, we read many stories from our members.  I hope each of you takes the opportunities Triangle gives you to add your story.  I challenge you all to think about new ways in which we can share what Triangle has done for each of us.  I challenge you to share your stories, make new ones, and exemplify Triangle’s values. 

Triangle has done so much for me.  I know that it has done so much for so many of our brothers and their families.  As we look forward to another year of Triangle, I want to ask each of you to help spread Triangle’s message.  Help us find new opportunities at new campuses.  Help us grow our brotherhood at our existing campuses.  Helps us show the value Triangle brings to its campuses, communities, chapters, and members. 

We celebrate our Founders when we share the stories of what Triangle has done for us.  We celebrate our Founders when we work together to make our communities better.  We celebrate our Founders when we live our values.  We celebrate our Founders when we build each other up.  I know the best for Triangle is yet to come.  We have done so much in the last 112 years but I am most excited because we have the ability to do so much more.  Go and continue Triangle’s story.   

Happy Founders’ Day!

In F,S,C, & T,
Br. Brian Jarman Pur ‘01
National President