• As you pledge new members, report them within 14 days to the National Office via ChapterSpot. Penalties can apply to any new member not reported within this timeline.
  • For those chapters who had new members carry over from last Fall or Spring, please request the initiation of them at least two (2) weeks prior to the chosen initiation date so that the National Office staff has sufficient time to process the request. Initiation fees MUST be paid prior to the shipping fee of the initiation documents, member badges, and recognition pins. Failure to report and pay the fees 14 days prior to the initiation date can also result in penalties/late fees becoming applicable.
  • The administrative staff does our best to respond to membership needs as promptly as possible, however, the chapter officers also have a responsibility to the members by helping make the (new) membership process smooth and enjoyable. Reporting in a timely manner is one of those things that can keep the process on┬átarget for all of us.
  • By now, with the exception of the quarter schools who start at the end of September, all chapters have received their Fall National Active Fees(NAFs) invoice. Membership adjustments are allowed up to specific dates based on when the invoice was sent/school started. If you have not made your roster updates, do it immediately. Some chapters have/had a headline of Sept. 5, and others have until Sept. 14 or 21. After the deadline provided in the email with the original invoice, credits to NAFs will not be applied, so promptness is important.
  • If you have any questions on the Growth Initiative Tom announced in previous communications, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or call 317-837-9640m Ext, 2002. I can run the numbers with you to see the credits the chapter can earn toward next year’s fees. Growth this year helps the future success (and fees) of Triangle chapters and members.