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Creating materials that support the Triangle Fraternity brand requires solid commitment and watchfulness to guarantee that the image we present looks the same every time and represents the values of the Fraternity.

Triangle Fraternity’s brand consists of key identity elements that, when used consistently at every point of contact with our audience and community, helps build recognition of Triangle Fraternity. In an effort to aid staff members, brothers, volunteers, designers, and vendors Triangle Fraternity has created a standards guide.

The purposes of these standards are to define the look and feel of our organization and establish parameters for acceptable use and application. The value of strong brand equity is priceless. How we apply our visual and typographical elements to communications, collateral, and promotional items sets us apart from the competition and influences how we are perceived by those we interact with. Furthermore, we must apply our insignias and logos in a manner which promotes the mission and values of Triangle Fraternity.

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Triangle Fraternity’s colors are Old Rose and Gray. The color Old Rose is to be defined as Pantone Process color 1955CV in all printed media and as RGB hexadecimal 990033 in all online and digitized media. The color Gray is to be defined as Pantone Process color 430CV in all printed media and as RGB hexadecimal 999999 in all online and digitized media.


Secondary Color Palette

The secondary color palette provides a flexible and sophisticated use of color harmony to contrast Triangle Fraternity’s official colors. Secondary colors should never take the place of official colors.


Since 1907 Triangle Fraternity has developed several sets of insignias and logos to graphically represent the organization. As times have evolved so have the Fraternity’s graphic elements while others have stayed consistent throughout the organization’s history.


Insignia is defined as an organization’s official emblem. As set forth from the founding of Triangle Fraternity and protected in the Fraternity’s Ritual and Constitution, the official insignias of Triangle Fraternity are the Coat of Arms and the Triangle T.  This insignia may be accompanied by a wordmark in order to build and maintain an association with Triangle Fraternity.


A brand is defined as an identifying mark for a particular organization or product. Over the years Triangle Fraternity has cycled through multiple branding campaigns in order to graphically advance the Fraternity’s mission and keep pace with current design styles and trends. Currently, Triangle Fraternity uses the Delta T as its overarching brand.

Coat of Arms

The Coat or Arms is an ancient device which has been employed as a mark of identification. After Triangle Fraternity was founded, the organization adopted a Coat of Arms to graphically symbolize its values. The upper portion of the Coat of Arms consists of a rising sun beneath a Triangle T, or Crest. Beneath is an esquire helmet in profile. At the center of the Coat of Arms is the Fraternity’s shield and a ribbon containing the organization’s motto “Veritas Omnia Vincit.” Surrounding the shield is a mantling.

As the Coat of Arms represents the history and values of Triangle Fraternity it should be used in circumstances that advance the mission and purpose of the organization. Members of the organization are asked to remain vigilant of its use but also celebrate its purpose. The Coat of Arms may only be worn by an initiated member.

Triangle T | Delta T

The Triangle T, also referred to as the Delta T, is the most commonly used symbol of Triangle Fraternity. Where other Greek organizations might use Greek letters or proper names, Triangle Fraternity uses the Triangle T. This emblem shall consist of an equilateral triangle with an upper case Roman “T” enclosed in it. The design shall conform in proportions to the “Triangle symbol” which constitutes part of the Coat of Arms.

The Triangle T should be the most commonly used symbol of the Triangle Fraternity. In order to enhance the meaning of the Triangle T, it should almost always be accompanied by the name of the organization, “TRIANGLE FRATERNITY” spelled out. The use of the Triangle T is most effective when used for recruitment, campus-wide Greek activities, and interactions with non-Greek organizations. There are no formal restrictions on who can wear the Triangle T, but chapters and members are advised to remember that the actions of anyone wearing the symbol will be reflective and representative of Triangle Fraternity.

Formal Triangle Flag

The official flag of Triangle Fraternity contains the shield of the Coat of Arms superimposed on a gold T in a field of gray. Colors for the shield of the Coat of Arms are identical to those represented when the Coat of Arms appears as a whole. The color of the gold T is that of the gold in the Triangle T found at the top of the Coat of Arms. The field of gray is Pantone Cool Gray 2 C as specified in the Secondary Color palette. The golden T is to be centered within the field of gray with the shield placed centered atop the T. All images which appear on Triangle flags are to appear on both sides. In order for the T to be more prominent within the field on the field of gray, a slight black outline may be used. The font for the T on the official Triangle Fraternity flag is Baskerville SemiBold, featured below.

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