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Recruitment is EVERY member’s responsibility, not just the Recruitment Chair. Identifying outstanding prospects, meeting them and telling the Triangle story is something every member can and should do annually to increase the talent and strength of their chapter. That requires members to understand and feel confident with the process – and for chapters to have an overall recruitment strategy and execute it!

We provide information and resources below to help you plan and execute and annual program that attracts the best STEM students to your chapter. Should you need assistance on understanding or implementing these materials, contact Henry Calleo (

Also, feel free to use to connect prospects with information about Triangle. We’ve built that as a nested website purely for recruitment purposes. It answers most prospects questions about cost, time, risk and grades.

General Resources
Recruitment Guide
Recruitment Target Calculator
Triangle Recruitment Coaches Program
Recruitment Coaches Training Webinar

New Graphics (see above)
New Wordmark
New Wordmark with Tagline (Social.Professional.STEM)

Triangle Builders Recruitment Series
Recruitment Plan Outline
Public Relations Plan Template
Recruitment Event Ideas
Using Social Media to Recruit
How to Gain Exposure
How to Get Referrals
FAQs from PNMs

Recruitment Webinars (video and PowerPoint)
Webinar #1: Public Relations & Recruitment  (PowerPoint)
Webinar #2: Overcoming Excuses
Webinar #3: Social Media and Recruitment Think Tank
Webinar #4: Creating Campus Partnerships  (PowerPoint)
Webinar #5: Event Planning  (PowerPoint)
Webinar #6: Increasing Campus Presence/Visibility (PowerPoint)
Webinar #7: We gave everyone a break this week!
Webinar #8: Active Panel  (PowerPoint)
Webinar #9: Alumni Panel (PowerPoint)
Webinar #10: Growth Summit Recap (PowerPoint) (2020 Recruitment Data Report)
Webinar #11: How Can HQ Help YOU?
Webinar #12: Covid-19 Policies and Discussion (audio only)
Webinar #13: What do Growth Events Look Like Now? (audio only)
Webinar #14: Online/Virtual New Member Education (audio only)
Webinar #15: Fraternity Financials and Recruitment Benefits (audio only)
Webinar #16: Fundraising (audio only)
Webinar #17: Fall 2020 Recruitment Q&A (audio only)
Webinar #18: Mental Health in Fall 2020 (audio only)
Webinar #19: What I Wish I’d Known as a New Member (audio only)
Webinar #20: Fall Recruitment Check-in (audio only)
Webinar #21: We gave everyone a break this week!
Webinar #22: Hazing Prevention (audio only)
Webinar #23: Movember – Men’s Health (audio only)
Webinar #24: “So, these guys want to defer their bids.” (audio only)
Webinar #25: Fall Recruitment Check-in (audio only)
Webinar #26: Spring Recruitment Discussion
Webinar #27: Growth Incentives
Webinar #28: Recruitment Lessons from a Pandemic
Webinar #29: Took a break this week for Week of Giving!
Webinar #30: Success in Recruitment Panel
Webinar #31: Pledges as Recruiters
Webinar #32: Different Chapter Recruitment Structures
Webinar #33: Summer Recruitment Events

Third-Party Webinars/Videos
Fill Your House with High-Quality Members in Fall (requires sign-in)
NIC Recruitment Discussion

Third-Party Resources
Phired Up! Productions
Free Resources from Phired Up! (tabling, events, ideas, process)
Phired Up! YouTube Channel
Phired Up! Facebook Posts

Essentials for Greek System Marketing
Guide to Being a PR Chair
Name Drivers for Fraternities and Sororities
Phired Up Mind-Joggers
Non-Greek Marketing Search Results
Marketing Insights for Greek Life

We’ll be adding resources through the summer.  If you have something that works well for your chapter, share with others.  Send an outline or description or share your documents with and we’ll share them here.

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