The Triangle Building & Housing Corporation has updated their process for submitting grant proposals for their Property Improvement Contest.  To enter your proposal, follow the instructions below or click here.  All proposals will be considered at the next regular monthly meeting of the Property Improvement Contest Committee. For 2018-19, the maximum individual grant award is $1,000. There is $10,000 available for all grants.

All proposals will be considered against the following criteria:

  1. We encourage alumni participation. Points will be awarded for including alumni, with maximum points for 4+ alumni participating in the project.
  2. We encourage chapter members to be involved. Maximum points are awarded for 90% of the chapter being involved in the project.
  3. We encourage members to take a hands-on role in projects whenever feasible. Maximum points are awarded for no third parties completing the work.
  4. We believe that while functionality is important, so too are project appearances. Points will be awarded for aesthetic value.
  5. We encourage the improvement of things that will impact the most people. Points are awarded for improving or adding items that are significantly used. For example, a common room improvement for a chapter house will earn more points than a single bedroom.
  6. We encourage chapters to improve safety and well-being. Points will be awarded for projects that may have a positive effect on safety or on insurance rates.
  7. We all strive to make the world a better place. Points will be awarded for improvements that impact the greater community beyond the chapter.
  8. All project proposals will also be evaluated for their overall organization and “wow” factor.

To apply, please click the button below.  After applying your proposal will be evaluated and grant money will be awarded to winners. If awarded funding, you must submit photos of the completed project as well as a short summary of how the project went to Please direct any questions or