The fees for the 2019/2020 academic year were approved June 2018 by the National Council and are as follows:

National Pledge Fee (one-time fee)
$90 per new member pledged, due within 14 days of pledging.
Late Fees: $10 if not received within 14 days of pledging; $40 if not received by date of initiation.

National Member Service (Initiation) Fee (one-time fee) (*see 1., below)
$260 per active initiated. $50 per associate, chapter honorary, or distinguished fellow initiated.
Late Fees: $20 if not received 14 days before requested initiation date; $50 if not received by initiation date.

National Active Fee (annual fee) (*see 2., below)
$357 per active per year, billed/payable in two installments (semester schools) or three installments (quarter schools). They may be pro-rated for initiation term, based on weeks left.

Chapter Fee (annual fee) (*see 3., below)
$1,200 per year per Active Organization, billed half in October and half in March.
$720 per year per Alumni Organization, billed in March – reduced by 1/3 during the first five years of existence.

Chapter Installation Fee
$1,500 payable upon submission of the petition for chapter charter.

Late Charge (all overdue bills) – 1.5% per month for all late chapter accounts.

*NOTE: For Fiscal year 2020 (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020), there are three fee changes approved because of budget projections. If there had been significant membership growth during FY19, these changes could have been reduced or eliminated. However, overall undergraduate membership declined again for this fiscal year.

1. The Initiation Fee was raised by $10 to $260. This is the first increase in six years and keeps us at the average cost among NIC fraternities.

2. The National Active Fee was increased to $357 per active, per year – a 2% increase to account for expected inflation.

3. The annual Chapter Fee increased to $1,200 per year (a $50 increase) for Active Chapters and $720 per year (a $30 increase) for Alumni Chapters. These increases were approved to help offset expected cost increases for the 2020 Scobie Leadership School and the 2021 National Convention.

NOTE: For chapters that grow by 3 or more men over the base NAFs paid last year, the Growth Initiative will effectively eliminate these fee increases. Contact for more info. With steady growth, these fees will stabilize or be reduced.