Dear Brothers,

I wish you all greetings and warm wishes on our Founders’ Day!  April 15, 2018, marks 111 years of brotherhood.  I know many of you are celebrating Founders’ Day with meals, programs, and personal reflection.  I want to share with you some of my thoughts as we reflect on all that our Founders’ gave us.

Triangle began with sixteen civil engineers recognizing their need for friendship and resolving to create something more.  Today, we have groups at 43 universities.  Our active membership stands at 1,300 active members.  On March 24, 2018, we celebrated the return of our Iowa State Chapter.  In the coming year, we look forward to many more new chapters joining the brotherhood.  During this last year, we have continued the tradition of being the nation’s preeminent engineering, architecture, and science fraternity for men seeking lifelong friendships, personal growth, and worldwide impact.

We continue this tradition because our members work to improve their universities, their communities, their chapters, and themselves.  We celebrate all that Triangle has done and look with great anticipation at all that Triangle will do in the many years to come.

I ask that each of you take today and think about our values.  Think about what it means to be a brother in this great fraternity.  Think about those that came before you and what they did to make you a better person.  Think about what you can do to make your life, your brothers’ lives, your chapter, and your community better.  Whether your action is big or small, local or far-reaching, make it in accordance with our chosen values.

We are one fraternity made up of diverse brothers from diverse places with diverse interests.  Founders’ Day is about acknowledging those things which bind us together, the things that remind of our shared Triangle identity.  No matter where you are in life, it is my hope that Triangle has made a positive impact in your life.

Let us thank our founders for each action they took to build the foundation we stand on today.  Tomorrow, let us thank our founders by taking action to build on that foundation.  I know that Triangle’s greatest days are ahead because of our members’ dedication to each other and the values of our brotherhood.

I hope that this time next year, our Founders’ vision has reached a bit farther.  That we now call more men brother and that we are all better than we were before.

Happy Founders’ Day!

In F,S,C, & T,
Br. Brian Jarman
Pur ‘01
National President