TRI-CON 2021 – JUNE 26/27

Registration is now open for this summer’s TRI-CON 2021 Online Convention. Active organizations are allowed two delegates and alumni organizations – including recognized area alumni groups – are allowed one delegate. Delegates will vote during business sessions of the Convention on Saturday, June 26. Please work now to elect your chapter delegates and have them registered by May 31. There will be three webinars (May 16, June 13 and June 21) delegates can attend to review the proposed legislation and ask questions. Links to those webinars will be provided to all Convention registrants.

Get more information on the TRI-CON 2021 Schedule of Events at:
Register for TRI-CON 2021 at:

For almost a year, Fraternity and Foundation board members have been working to determine a way to lower the cost of active membership without huge cuts to the annual budget.  We believe we have a solution by lowering the National Active Fee and creating a new Education Fee that can be paid with funds from Chapter Endowment Fund accounts within the Triangle Education Foundation.  Get more information here:

Elections are open now for National Council and for a seat on the Board of the Triangle Building and Housing Corporation. The slate of candidates is approved and any member in good standing may place their vote online. Deadline for voting is May 31 at 11:59 PM Eastern time.
Vote for Council/TBHC candidates at:

The Larry and Judy Garatoni Building Better Men awards are open to all chapters and provide $150,000 in Chapter Endowment Fund contributions to three winners. Past winners must apply, but all chapters can participate by completing a Pyramid Chapter Assessment and submitting with a coupule other documents. Additional information is here: The deadline for applications is midnight May 23. Contact for more information or assistance.

2021/2022 RM FEES
Estimates for the 2021/2022 Risk Management Fee bills to chapters were sent to active/alumni presidents and treasurers Sunday, May 2. We have been working with our insurers to estimate changes in costs and we are planning to provide some savings this year over usual bilings. We do not receive final cost numbers until late July, but provide these estimates to help chapters budget. Next year, as with this year, we are providing an adjusted calculation for costs that will reduce costs for most chapters.

NOTE: Risk Management fees are billed to chapters on or about August 1. Deadline for payment is September 15, 2021 to prevent cancellation of insurance. This makes it very important that you budget now to be able to have the funds to pay by the deadline. This is the same schedule we have used for over ten years.

Chapters should be planning now and positioning for success in Fall. Here are things you can begin now:

  • Contact Jim Phillips ( to discuss your summer action plan to prepare for Fall recruitment success
  • Finalize roster updates to remove graduating seniors and move new initiates to undergraduate status
  • Set aside funds to be able to pay Risk Management Fee bills by September 15
  • Update your chapter website and social media for students/parents looking at fraternity info during the summer
  • Submit your chapter application for the Building Better Men awards program by May 23 – $150,000 in CEF awards available
  • Select your Convention delegates to participate in the online TRI-CON Convention and get them registered to represent you (summer voting will impact your Fall)

Please note the Bylaws require candidates for initiation be reported and fees paid at least 14 days prior to the date of initiation. This is also important for chapters that wish to take advantage of the short-form “virtual” initiation, as Council will need to approve that process and solicit Council members to attend (see more here: Failure to meet this dealine may result in late fees/fines to the chapter. Contact if you need assistance.

From the Desk of Rhonda… 

  • Please update officer and member rosters in ChapterSpot and report any new members no later than 14 days after the pinning ceremony.
  • Please request initiations of new members at least 14 days prior to the initiation date so our staff has time to process the request and ship the approved documents, pins and badges for the new initiates in a timely manner (see Reminder above).
  • For questions about any of the above, contact Rhonda Halcomb at

All members who intend to graduate in May/June are asked to update their contact information when they are settled. Moving to a new city? Have a new phone? Update your contact info to make sure you continue to receive The REVIEW and so the contact updates we provide to chapters and area alumni groups are accurate. Update online here: Also, consider setting up an account with our private membership group at

Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF) grant applications must be submitted no later than midnight May 31st. All available CEF funds must be spent this school year and reimbursement requests must be received by 6/15. Any staff member can provide an update on funds remaining for this school year. Contact Scott Bova ( for additional details. Info on the CEF program is available here:

The Triangle Merchandise Store is Open
Consider a tee or cap for new members or new initiates. Shop online here: