Triangle Brothers and Volunteers –

In the last few weeks, we have seen major campus suspensions of fraternity or Greek-life activity in an effort to respond to specific or alleged incidents involving alcohol/substance abuse, sexual assault, hazing, or other violations of the law.  While I am pleased to say these incidents did not involve Triangle chapters, we still are identified with the fraternity system as a whole and we stand to gain or lose as part of that system.

This practice of system-wide suspension is likely to continue to spread to other campuses, including some of yours.  As such, I hope you will work with me to do the following:

1)  Discuss this at your next chapter meeting and consider what events or activities you may have planned that might lend themselves to any problems.  This is the time many chapters have formals or end of year events and I encourage you to be safe and smart.

2)  Review your programs (new member education, recruitment, social) to ensure you are respecting the risk management guidelines of Triangle and any local and campus policies that apply.  Basically, risk management is little more than obeying the law and treating others with care and respect.

3)  Plan on having leaders attend the Leadership Training Weekend (LTW), January 12-14 in Indianapolis.  We will be talking about some of these campuses and how you can respond if it happens at yours.

4)  Contact the Triangle HQ if you have questions or need ideas or assistance to change or improve your programs or events.

5)  Politely decline media interviews or access to chapter houses during this period.  You may refer any media contacts to the Fraternity HQ.

When faced with these challenges, we must remember that we are uniquely positioned to withstand and thrive in such hostile environments.  Our chapters are not built upon the negative behaviors that cause these suspensions and, as new rules and policies are put into place, it will be much easier for our chapters to comply than others.

We are a brotherhood of problem solvers.  We will adapt and thrive.  Some fraternity chapters at these campuses will not survive as they fail or refuse to change and adapt.  I have faith that Triangle will remain and be stronger as a result.

Yours in F, S & C,
Brian Jarman pur01
National President