In an effort to redefine the new member experience, Triangle has created a number of resources to assist our chapters and colonies in developing a New Member Education program that is based on treating each other with dignity and respect. Grounded in the values of our Ritual and the Code of Ethics, the suggested program provides an 8-10 week foundation to develop and shape new members. The program as it stands now may be used in one of two ways:
  1. Used designed as-is. This means the colony or chapter would be following the model week-by-week and implementing all activities and assignments by way of weekly facilitator guides and supplemental resources.
  2. Used as a template for program reference. This means that the chapter would use this program to pick and choose what pieces and objectives of the program they feel would improve their current new member education program.
No matter which option you choose or which option you are assigned to* you will have access to all of the program materials.  With that said, we would encourage the following chapters or colonies to either select option 1 or consider working with the Director of Education, Ariel Tarosky to create a program that works for you:
  • You are experiencing low new member retention rates
  • You are experiencing a large number of men disaffiliating in their sophomore or junior years
  • Your new members aren’t adequately prepared for initiation
  • You are a “yellow” or “red” chapter for the Pyramid
By using these resources your chapter will:
  • Not have to worry about organizing a new member education program and creating new activities (they are already done for you)
  • Not have to worry if your new members are prepared for initiation and the commitment of joining a fraternity for life
  • Become a stronger brotherhood and have a better connection to the national fraternity
Materials are now available for your use and can be found here. The google drive should be shared with Triangle members only and contains working documents. In this drive you will find:
  • Everyman New Member Education Welcome Packet
  • Weekly facilitator guides
  • Lesson Plan
  • Syllabus
  • Resource List
  • Activity Substitution Request Form
  • Supplemental Documents (Webinars, worksheets, games, activities, etc.)
Should you have questions after reviewing these materials, need assistance, or need help in creating a program to meet the needs of your campus please contact Ariel Tarosky at   *Based on Pyramid results, some chapters/colonies will be required to follow this program.